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Common problems:
• Before tracking begins, engineer must set up a headphone mix for each performer
• When bands book rehearsals, they lack an easy-to-use headphone monitoring setup
• Musicians have no personal control over the headphone mix


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For recording studios involvedin ensemble recording as well as overdubbing, the recording engineer can end up spending a fair amount of extra time and effort adjusting separate headphone mixes for each performer. While in some cases this is not a significant drag on the recording session, these issues often increase the engineer's workload and setup time. Furthermore, when bands block out time to rehearse in the studio space, the studio needs a practical In-Ear-Monitoring (IEM) setup for the band so that each member can adjust their own headphone mix, or choose to create a quick monitor speaker mix. Currently, even top-tier monitor mix products frequently do not offer much practical control over the actual IEM mix, omitting such basics as track-by-track volume levels, stereo pan, and EQ. The worst part: these systems are all more expensive than the Mamba MIX,which provides best-in-class performer control, flexibility, audio quality and ease of use.

Mamba MIX advantages:
• Musicians adjust their own IEM mix using an iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet over wi-fi
• Engineer can control and adjust all mixes using administrator login
• Mamba MIX App is easy for musicians to use, and fast
• Track-by-track adjustment of volume, stereo pan, parametric EQ, and other mix settings

With the Mamba MIX system, each musician can now set and adjust their own unique IEM headphone mix, using a mobile phone or tablet running iOS or Android and connected to local wi-fi. The intuitive and easy-to-use Mamba MIX App enables musicians to fine-tune the sound of their personal mix, allowing them to save headphone mix settings during a rehearsal and recall the same settings later on for a performance. One or more iPads or Android tablets can be shared among the performers, or each can use their own mobile phone or tablet. Musicians will be grateful for the low latency (one sample time), the excellent audio quality and the simplicity of the Mamba MIX App, once they find out how easy and fun it is to create and adjust their own IEM mix settings. The App offers ±0.1 dB volume level steps, full stereo panning for each track, parametric EQ and more. Outboard effects boxes can also be connected to provide further effects for monitoring and recording.

Mamba MIX systems:
• MIX 16 offers 16 audio channels and 4 unique in-ear-monitoring mixes
• MIX 32 offers 32 audio channels and 8 unique in-ear-monitoring mixes
• MIX 32DS combines the MIX 32 with a Digital Snake to run high-quality digital audio over CAT-5 from stage to main mixer



The channel outputs of the Mamba MIX can work with a variety of connectors to match your studio's existing configuration, and the box can be placed either before the mixing board or after, using an auxiliary out. The Mamba MIX product line includes a 16-channel system with 4 unique IEM mixes, or a 32-channel system with 8 unique IEM mixes. The output of each performer's stereo IEM mix can connect via XLR to a wireless earbud transmitter, or directly to headphones via TRS. For recording studios looking to simplify the cabling in their audio snake, the Mamba MIX 32DS system combines the reliable and cost-effective Mamba Digital Snake with the full MIX 32 system. With a broad base of satisfied clients, the Mamba Digital Snake is a time-tested and versatile cabling system offering pristine digital audio quality and reducing cable clutter. In this setup, one ethernet cable sends 32 channels of digital audio over a balanced connection with a 16-channel return.

Solutions to critical issues:
• Mamba MIX gives musicians control of their own in-ear-monitoring mix
• Mamba MIX is cost-effective and simple to learn, allowing musicians to use their own touch-screen device for adjustments
• Mamba MIX eliminates the need for the recording engineer to spend time creating monitor mixes for musicians
• Musicians will play more expressively when they hear their instrument sound clear and well-balanced in the mix


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The personal monitor mix is one of the most underrated functions in a studio's arsenal of equipment, yet it is crucial in ensemble recording situations. Many competing IEM mix products can be cumbersome for musicians to learn, cost more to implement, and and actually allow very little fine-tuning adjustment of per-track volume, stereo panning, or EQ. Mamba MIX offers the most innovative and affordable system on the market, enabling musicians to create and save their own earbud audio mix while still allowing the mix engineer to make adjustments as needed. By preventing needless waste of limited studio time and giving your musicians the power to control what they hear while performing, Mamba MIX will result in more satisfied clients and, best of all, better performances!








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your recording setup and how Mamba MIX can provide a state of the art solution using iPad/iPhone/Android© and enable musicians to control their own ear-bud.