MMX16/4X - 16 Channel Extension 4 IEM MIX System

The Mamba Mix 16/4X is an extension unit which can be added to any 16-channel Mamba Mix system to provide 4 additional IEM mixes. Multiple extension units can be connected via CAT-5 cable to an ethernet hub so as to provide up to 96 independent IEM mixes of the 16 channels. Please click on each tab for more information on this specific product.


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Price: $1345




The 16 channel 4 independent IEM Mamba Mix extension system enables a customer to expand 8, 12, 16 or more IEMs as the need grows. The input 16 channels from Main Mamba Mix system (Mic level or Line level) are passed to the Mix extension system via short cat5 cable. If you have more than one extension system then you can use a simple Ethernet switch to connect as many as extension system. All extension systems would receive the same inputs (16 channels) from the main Mamba Mix system. The 4 stereo mixes are available as balanced Mix out on a DB25 that is compliant to Tascam analog pin out as well as unbalanced TRS (direct headphone) for different application scenarios described. The key difference between Mix Extension system and Mic or Line Level Mix system is the absence of analog inputs as these are via cat5. Otherwise, all functionalities are identical to Mic Level Mix System. On the Mamba MIX16/4 App, you will be notified that there are multiple systems and you can select the unit that your Mix out is associated with. You can also name these Mix units so they are 1-4 and 5-8 Mix.

Each of the 4 stereo IEM mixes are output through a DB-25 break-out cable to a balanced XLR stereo pair for use with wireless IEM earphone systems, and headphones can also be connected directly to the TRS jacks on the front of the box. The Mamba Mix 16/4X extension box has no analog inputs, because all audio channels are input via CAT-5. When opening the Mamba Mix 16 App, you will be notified that there are multiple systems running, and you should select the unit that is outputting your personal IEM mix. Click on each tab for more information, and visit the Mamba MIX App page for a demonstration of the touch-screen App that performers use to control their IEM mix.

  • No audio inputs as same 16 channels are passed to EXT Mix via cat5

  • Connect to Mamba Mix Main for all audio inputs

  • 4 Mix per box

  • Extend 4 or 8 or 12 mix by adding extension box and simple cat5

  • App will auto identify if you have more than 4 mixes

  • Password controlled access to Mamba Mix to avoid unauthorized access

  • Balanced mix out on DB25 Tascam on back for long distance such as on stage live performance

  • Unbalanced TRS mix out for close by jam session

  • Beltpack for easy connectivity to mix out and headphone

  • Quick vol control knob on the beltpack for easy access

  • Load different scene of pre mix setup such as per song, per show etc

  • Save different settings of mix to local files

  • Set a default configuration per mix at the Mamba mix box

Analog Output Specification

Mix output balanced/unbalanced


Db25 Tascam - Balanced Mix out - Use break out cable

TRS – Unblanaced - Left mix on TIP and Right Mix on Ring

– Sleeve - GND


100 ohms

Max output level

+18 dBu

DSP Specification

No of Channels


Mix out

4 Stereo output

Sampling rate



24 bit

DSP functions

Gain, Pain and 3 Band parametric EQ

per channel per Mix


3 parametric filters

F – 20Hz to 20Khz

G – -18db to 18 db (1db steps)

Q – 0.1 to 1 (0.01 steps)

1 Low Cut (HPF)


10 db – Inf (0.1 db steps)


91 positions, Left = L1- L45, Center,Right = R1-R45

Frequency Response

20Hz to 20Khz

Distortion (THD+N)


Expandable Mix

DSP extension box - additional 4 Mix. You can add more extension boxes for more mix out

Please download a complete tech specification HERE

Mamba Mix Main system with an Extension Box to enable 8 or More IEM

MambaMIX16X Setup




Mamba Mix Extension system setup

- MMX16X - setup

1. Place the extension unit to near your Mamba MIX main system (either Mamba MIX16M or Mamba MIX16L)

2. You need to have a Main Mamba MIX Mic or Line level system to use extension system

3. Connect a short CAT5 from the Extension CAT5 port on main Mamba MIX unit to same Extension CAT5 port on extension unit

4. Connect another CAT5 from Internet port to Wireless Router. Each Mamba MIX unit should have a cat5 from Internet port to wifi router

5. Connect Mix Outs on the Db25 to your wireless or wired headset using Db25 to XLR break out cables.

Here is a setup of Mamba MIX Extension system with a Mamba MIX16L unit.

MambaMIX16L 16X Setup

Download the Technical specification Here

Download the Mamba Mix App from Apple App Store Here

Download the one page handout of Mamba Mix Here


Download the Mamba Mix user manual (due to file size)

Download part 1 Here (Description, setup, warranty etc)

Download Part 2 Here (Application scenarios)

Download Part 3 Here (iPhone, iPad APP details)



*** Pls note that all the above docs are being modified to include new box pictures and text **

"Fastest pro audio system to setup and worked right out of the box", George Shelby

"Used with my Shure PSM800 and worked like a charm. Musicians love the setup", Jeff Flowers

"Great system and easy to use. Ideal system for Worship facility with No Wires on Stage", Adam Soliz


More coming soon. If you are nterested in trying out a Mamba MIX system, pls send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

call us at 408 434 9393

MMX16x4X Extension 4 Mix



$ 1345


What comes with purchase:

1 - Mamba MIX extension system

1 - Power cord

1 - Long range wirelss router

1 - 5 ft cat5 cable

1 - User manual, setup guide, Tech spec


2 year Limited warranty

Free Ground shipping to Lower 48 states in US. All other locations shipping TBD.

** 2 year Warranty [ Click Here to see the details ]


Additional items you may need:

Db25 to XLR Male break out cable for balanced Mix Outs

Beltpack for Mix outs to musicians (wired solution)

Wireless Headset such as Shure PSM or Sennheiser IEM G3 series

XLR Male to TRS cable or perfect pair cable (dual cables in one core)