The following scenarios describe ways a Mamba MIX system can be used for different need.

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Solution Stage-1

This application scenario shows how Mamba MIX integartes exceptionally well with your existing wireless microphone and headphone systems.  The wireless Mic outputs from the receiver units can be easily connected to Mamba MIX 16 channel inputs. All you need is to connect a DB25 to XLR female break out cable to wireless receiver base stations of wireless mic and DB25 end to Mamba inputs 1-16.

The Mix out (L and R) from Mamba MIX can be connected to a Wireless Headphone system transmitter unit by using short XLR patch cables. Each Mix out requires a single stereo wireless headphone unit such as Shure PSM800 or PSM1000 or Sennheiser EW-300 or other similar systems in the market. The musician can then use the wireless beltpack to listen to the stereo Mix out from Mamba MIX.


The mixer control is thru iPhone, iPad or Android devices using the intutive Mamba MIX free app. This scenario is an ideal solution for touring, worship, performance, bands etc as it provides a quick setup of monitor mix and "No Wires to the Stage Musician". The cost of Mamba MIX and wireless sub systems is close to traditional wired monitor systems that Mamba MIX wireless advantage and quick setup are worth the investment for your setup.






This application scenario shows a simple usage of Mamba Mix as Jam Box. For example, you and your buddies on an evening decide to jam together in the basement. However, you are also worried about the amplified sound disturbing others. Mamba Mix is an ideal solution which can provide a headphone stereo mix to up to 4 band members while the sound mix and level can be easily adjusted by each band member . Each one has an absolute control of their sound mix and gain level that they don't have to worry about other band members. The entire jam session is over headphones that no one has to amp up sound to cover everyone.