The Mamba Mix app for Apple iPhone©, iPad© and Android© devices are here..



Mamba MIX16 App


The new version of Mamba MIX16 app (Ver 002) is now available at the Apple App store (Feb 2, 2013). Individual password for mixer, global channel upload, global mixer name setup, Admin pass to selelct any mixer with one touch and more features have been added. Available for both iPhone and iPad. More features to follow..(*** Requires iOS version 5 or up)

Download the Mamba MIX 16 iPhone© app from the App store Here


Download the Mamba MIX16  iPad© app from the App store Here


Download the manual for the iPhone & iPad APP Here


Mamba MIX32 App for iPad ONLY  

The Mamba MIX32 App is for iPad ONLY for now. The App is called Mamba MIX32. Pls make sure you download and use the right app for the Mamba MIX system you have. The Mamba MIX (16) app works for Mamba MIX16/4 and Mamba MIX32 app is for Mamba MIX16/8 or 32/8 system. You can use the demo mode to test the features. The new App has more features such as global channel names, mix sel with out password (admin pass) etc.

New Mamba MIX32 App - Scene Exchange with Other Band Members

The new Mamba MIX32 App (only for 32/8 or 16/8 Mamba MIX system) has a great new feature that allows you to share the Scene info. with your band members. You can email scene files from your iPad to your friends and they can download using DropBox. For more information on this feature and how to do step by step, pls click HERE


Download the Mamba MIX32  iPad© app from the App store - HERE

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Android App for Mamba MIX16 ONLY


The Andriod© app is HERE