MMXA Mix Accessories

You can use the folowing accessories to complete the setup of your IEM Mix. Beltpack is a simple passive box that allows you connect two balanced TRS to single TRS or 1/8th for headphone. The special cables is a perfect pair solution that combones 2 balanced cable in to one so it is easy to run the Mix Out to musician on stage. Please click on each tab for more information on this specific product as well as download section for user manual, technical specification as well as other useful documentation to learn more.

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Passive analog volume control

Balanced Inputs Left and Right channels on TRS

Unbalanced Headphone out on TRS (Tip - Left channel, Ring - Right channel, and Sleeve - GND)

Unbalanced Headphone out on 1/8th stereo (Tip - Left channel, Ring - Right channel, and Sleeve - GND)

Easy and qucik snap Clip

Sleek finish and lightweight

Size: 1 inch (w) x 2.8 inch (H)


Perfect Pair Cable:


Run 2 balanced analog Mix out channels to the Beltpack from Mamba Mix box on a single cable

XLR Males on one end and TRS on other end




1 – TRS balanced analog output

3 – TRS analog input

2 – 1/8th output for headphone

4 – Power On/off switch

 size: 1 inch (w) x 2.8 inch (H)



Left TRS input (L) – connect the left channel of MixOut from Mamba Mix box

Right TRS input (R) – connect the right channel of the Mixout from Mamba Mix

1/8th – connect your headphone 1/8th to the port

TRS – balanced TRS for headphone

Volume control – control the volume of your headphone


Belt pack clip – self adhesive (in case of loss/accidental mishap – you can buy one from





1. Introduction


Dear Customer:

Thanks for purchasing Mamba Mix system. The revolutionary In-ear Monitor Mix product, that enhance the monitor mix experience by a musician by empowering the complete control using popular touch devices for a better performance.


We are certain that you will like the Mamba Mix product and the flexibility that it provides to bring a total control of the mix the way you like to hear during a live performance with out sharing or requesting for optimum mix.

Applications are coming soon

The downlaod is coming soon

The setup for mix acces is coming soon

Coming soon

Mamba mix Accessories

Belt Pack



$ 79