MMX16/8 ADAT Input Mix

The Mamba MIX16/8 IEM ADAT input Mix no credit check payday loans system is ideal for applications where the inputs to Monitor Mix are already in ADAT format such as Mic preamp with ADAT out, Mixer with ADAT or DAW with ADAT. Mic inputs can be used with micpreamp units with ADAT of your choice.

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MMX16/8A unit can work in Internal wordclcok or extternal wordclock (48K sample rate only). The 8 stereo mixes are available as balanced analog output on DB25 Tascam pinout, an ideal way to connect to wireless headphone systems such as Shure, SennH, Audix etc to musician in-ear-headphone. Mamba MIX16/8 can also be easily expanded to 16 or 24 Monitor Mix out (16 ch input) by just adding MMX16/8X extension system using a CAT-5.  Please click on each tab below for more information on this specific product as well as download section for user manual, technical specification as well as other useful documentation to learn more.


Please call us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for availability or demo try out.

  • 16 channels ADAT inputs @ 48K (use your own micpre for mic inputs)

  • 8 IEM stereo Mix per system - 1RU

  • Expand 16 or 24 or more stereo Mixes by adding extension (MMX16/8X) system using a simple Cat5

  • Use FoH extension box for 16x8 ch over cat5 to FoH Mixer or DAW


  • Easy to integrate with wireless headphone system such as Shure or Sennheiser or others

  • 2 dynamic assignable EQ channels (assign any of the 1-32 inputs - e.g "Me" and my "Buddy")

  • Master EQ on both Left and Right mix

  • 3-band graphic parametric EQ, Low-cut for each EQ

  • All EQs, HPF, Gain, Pan and Mix for all 8 Mixers completed within one sample time

  • Balanced mix out for long distance or wireless headphone

  • TRS headphone output on front for monitoring or close by Jam session
  • iPad Apps are easy to use and navigate

  • Password controlled access to each mix for secure login to Mamba MIX16/8 system

  • Beltpack for easy connectivity of mix out signals to headphone

  • Handy volume control knob on the beltpack for easy access

  • Fast setup default configuration per mix

  • Save/delete different scene settings of mix

  • Fast load different scene of pre mix such as per song, per show etc

  • Easy label each channel such as mic, guitar, drum, lead voc, snare etc

  • DB25 to XLR break out for Mix Out

  • TosLink cable for ADAT input

  • BNC for Ext Word Clock IN (48K) for SYNC IN (Slave)

  • BNC for WC out (48K)
  • Solid steel body and sleek finish

  • FCC and CE with 2 year Warranty



ADAT Input (for mic input use your own micpre with ADAT out)

No of channels



ADAT Tos Link connector - Use TosLink cable

Word Clock Input

48K - Use BNC EXt WC IN (Mamba MIX as Slave)

** can also recover from ADAT port 1- custom

Word Clock Output

48K - Use BNC WC OUT to sync (Mamba MIX Master)

EXT/INT select switch

Set Mamba MIX slave (EXT) or Master (INT)

Analog Output Specification

Mix output balanced


DB25 Tascan Analog out pin out - 2 DB25s

Left and Right Mix - Total of 8 stereo Mix outs on 2 DB25s


100 ohms

Max output level

+18 dBu

DSP Specification

No of Channels


Mix out

8 Stereo output

Sampling rate



24 bit

DSP functions

Gain, Pan, Mute, SoLo for all 32 channels

Master Gain, Mute for all 32 channels

3 Band graphic & parametric EQ plus low cut on

2 dynamic for input 1-32, Master Left and Right

Total of 4 EQ per Mix Out


3 parametric filters

F – 20Hz to 20Khz

G – -18db to 18 db (1db steps)

Q – 0.1 to 1 (0.01 steps)

1 Low Cut (HPF)


10 db – Inf (0.1 db steps)


91 positions, Left =

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L1- L45, Center,Right = R1-R45

Frequency Response

20Hz to 20Khz

Distortion (THD+N)


Expandable Mix

DSP extension box - additional 8 Mix. You can add more extension boxes for more Mix out (say 16 or 24)

Please download a complete tech specification - Here

** Updated version with ADAT input coming soon

** Except analog Vs ADAT input, rest is same


 MambaMIX32ADAT IO description


All Wireless IEM Mix solution with External Wireless Mic and Wireless Headphone System

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 MMX32ADAT setup1

**** New Pirctures are coming Soon  ****

MMX32ADAT setup1

Mamba MIX16/8 ADAT system setup

  • Place the 16/8 ADAT Mix System where the inputs to the monitor mix are available

  • Connect your ADAT outputs (1-16) to Mamba MIX ADAT inputs using TosLink cable
  • If you have Mic inputs then you can use your own micpre with ADAT outs
  • Connect Micpre ADAT outputs (channels 1-16) to ADAT inputs (1-16 on 4 TosLink) on Mamba MIX16/8 ADAT unit

  • The 8 Mix outs are availbale as Mix out 1-4 and 5-8. They are independent of each other and controlled by each musician
  • You can use Db25 to XLR Male break out for 8 Monitor Mix outs
  • iPad is connected to Mamba MIX thru standard WLAN or WiFi. You can use dedicated or shared WiFi router
  • Connect the Internet CAT5 port on the back of the Mamba Mix box to your LOCAL LAN (with Wireless Router) or direct to the dedicated wireless router.
  • The cat5 SHOULD be connected to the normal cat5 port on the dedicated wireless router (not the DSL/CABLE MODEM port)
  • Power on the devices Mamba Mix unit, WiFi router if dedicated one is used
  • Download the Mamba MIX32 App (only ch 1-16 will be active) from App store for iPad ONLY
  • Click on Mamba MIX logo and you will see the 8 Monitor Mix outs listed automatically
  • You can select the one assigned to you (where you mixout headphone) and enter password (ask admin for that!!)


Please download the complete user manual for more details HERE (coming soon)

Download the Mamba MIX32 Technical specification - HERE

Download the Mamba Mix32 App from Apple App Store - HERE

Download the one page handout of Mamba Mix32 - HERE

Download the Mamba Mix32 user manual - HERE


 *** PLS NOTE ONLY 16 input Channels will be enabled in the App ***


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IMG 0030


IMG 0029


IMG 0015

"Fastest pro audio system to setup and worked right out of the box", George Shelby

"Used with my Shure PSM800 and worked like a charm. Musicians love the setup", Jeff Flowers

"Great system and easy to use. Ideal system for Worship facility with No Wires on Stage", Adam Soliz


Corryton Church, TN Selects Mamba MIX32 - 16 IEM Mix to Power Worship Service

Jan 20, 2013, San Jose CA. Corryton Church based in TN has selected Mamba MIX32, a 32 channel 16 individual monitor Mix system to fine tune the performance of musicians on stage. The Mamba MIX32 system enables musicians on the stage to control their own ear-bud using iPad mixer control surface. Each musician can select EQ, gain, pan and other features as well as store and reload mix settings per song., set or gig. The Mamba MIX32 system connects at the stage to an active mic splitter thus musicians have their own 32 ch stage inputs to mix. Each mix is password controlled so all 16 users can login to their own mix to control. The setup is simple and intuitive app on iPad is big plus for musicians. The final mix is connected a wireless headphone system such as Audix or Senn or Shure so both IEM control (wifi) and audio are over wireless. The full wireless option enables musicians to walk in and out of stage with ease, makes stage setup quick and no more wires to trip on stage. It is perfect solution for worship managed by volunteers. "I just wanted to update you on the outcome of the new system. It was a MAJOR MAJOR SUCCESS!!!!! we truly appreciate all your help. I am very glad I found your company. This is a great system. Everyone was happy. It worked absolutely flawlessly. Not a single problem. Everyone just couldn't believe how good everything sounded. So thanks again for all the help", Jeremy Church Sound Director.

Customer Focus: The Chapel Community Center, FL selects Mamba MIX32 - 32 ch / 8 IEM Mix

Nov 28, 2012, San Jose CA: The Chapel Community Center, located near Tampa FL has chosen the Mamba MIX32 system to enable stage musicians to mix their own IEM using iPad. The MIX32 system was installed by Rick from Profound Sound based in Tampa. The MIX32 was connected to direct outs from the FoH mixer and 8 individual IEM Mixes were sent using wireless headphone system. The entire setup was wireless as control of Mix using wifi and mix over wireless headset. The Musicians on stage use iPad to mix their own sound for ear-bud. A single rack Mamba MIX32 system provides 32 ch and 8 IEM to cover the entire band. The MIX32 App is very intuitive and provides an easy way to control the 8 mixes using one or 8 iPads. Musicians can store and load scene, load all 32 channel names from Admin and much more functions. Each MIX is protected by password (changed by Admin only) so musicians and Sound Director are at peace. The entire worship band is very happy with the Mamba MIX system plug and play and ease of use. 

Customer Focus: Celebration Church, WI - Mamba MIX32DS - 32 ch /8 IEM Mix and 32x16 CAT5 digital snake system

Oct 22, 2012, San Jose CA: Celebration Church, WI has been using Mamba Digital Snake system for many years and when they needed a IEM Mix for musicians on the stage, Mamba MIX32DS was their first choice. Mamba MIX32DS is an unique and innovative system that combines 32 ch / 8 Independent in-ear monitor mix controlled by iPad's as well as a 32x16 digital snake system over CAT-5. The digital snake FoH unit was all ADAT I/O so it easily connected to a Yamaha LS9 console. The 32 ch / 8 IEM mix is connected to a number of wireless headphone units to enable a complete wireless IEM Mix setup at the stage. "No hardware units at the stage, running wires or cat5 to IEM units or power issue, Mamba MIX enabled the musicians to walk on stage and perform with their own iPad", said Phil G, Sound Director at the Church. We are very impressed with sound quality of the system and ease of IEM setup at different venue

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every Sunday, which allows us to focus on worship. Could not have asked for a better solution that offers 2 solutions in a single system at an unbeatable price.

More coming soon. If you are nterested in trying out a Mamba MIX16/8 system, pls send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or call us at 408 434 9393

Please call us

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or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for availability or demo try out.



MMX16 ADAT Input /8 Mix Out

1 RU system (MSRP: 1499)

Sale Price

Email us




What comes with purchase:


1 - 16 ch ADAT input  Mamba MIX16/8 system - 1 RU


1 - Power cord


1 - User manual, setup guide, Tech spec


2 year Limited warranty


Free Ground shipping to Lower 48 states in US. All other

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locations shipping





** 2 year Warranty [ Click Here to see the details ]



Additional items you may need:


2 pcs of TosLink cable for 32 ch ADAT input


2 pcs of DB25 to XLR Male or TRS for 8 stereo Mix Outs


Beltpack for Mix out to musicians (wired solution)


Wireless Headset such as Shure PSM or Sennheiser IEM G3 series for wireless


XLR Male to TRS cable or perfect pair cable (dual cables in one core) for wired beltpack


Wireless router (for dedicated usage). You can always share with wifi router already in your facility