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Common problems:

• Musicians cannot hear their own instrument well through on-stage speakers or earbud in-ear-monitoring mix
• Instruments are constantly competing for volume level, causing musicians to play louder than necessary
• Musicians have no personal control over the mix they hear in their earbuds
• Audio engineer is constantly distracted by musicians' requests for adjustments to their mix


In order to play their best, with no distractions, the musicians performing during worship services need to be able to hear the details of their performances clearly enough to play expressively together, whether they are using earbuds for In-Ear-Monitoring (IEM) or on-stage speakers. However, all too often, the adjustment of these "monitor mixes" is done by the engineer in a quick-and-dirty manner, leaving musicians with an unbalanced earbud mix that can drain the energy out of their performance. Finding an economical and efficient system for in-ear-monitoring mixes is one of the crucial difficulties of the modern worship stage setup. The same problems arise whether the IEM mix is adjusted using the main mixing board or a separate monitor-mixing board: with most current setups, the musicians do not have simple, immediate control over their own earbud mix or stage speaker mix.

Mamba MIX advantages:

• Musicians adjust their own IEM mix using an iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet over wi-fi
• Each musician's earbuds play back their own unique audio mix, with separate volume settings for each instrument
• Mamba MIX App is easy-to-use and fast
• Track-by-track adjustment of volume, stereo pan, parametric EQ, and other mix settings

With the Mamba MIX system, each musician can now adjust their own unique IEM earbud mix, using a mobile phone or tablet running iOS or Android and connected to local wi-fi. The intuitive and easy-to-use Mamba MIX App enables each musician to fine-tune the sound they hear in their ears, allowing them to save earbud mix settings during a rehearsal and recall the same settings later on for a performance. One or more iPads or Android tablets can be shared among the performers, or each can use their own mobile phone or tablet. Musicians will be grateful for the low latency (one sample time), the excellent audio quality and the simplicity
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of the Mamba MIX App, once they find out how easy and fun it is to create and adjust their own IEM mix settings, from volume level and stereo panning to parametric EQ and more.

Mamba MIX systems:

• MIX 16 offers sixteen audio channels and 4 unique in-ear-monitoring mixes
• MIX 32 offers 32 audio channels and 8 unique in-ear-monitoring mixes
• MIX 32DS combines the MIX 32 with a Digital Snake to run high-quality digital audio over CAT-5 from stage to main mixer

With the use of an external mic splitter box, Mamba MIX can be easily inserted into an existing worship sound setup with very little disruption. The Mamba MIX product line includes a 16-channel system with 4 unique IEM mixes, or a 32-channel system with 8 unique IEM mixes. Performers can use a wireless transmitter for their earbuds or a Mamba BeltPack connected to the Mamba MIX box, and each IEM mix can be shared among two or more musicians if necessary, using a splitter cable for their earbuds. For churches looking to update the cabling used as an audio "snake" to connect the stage to the front-of-house mixing console, the Mamba MIX 32DS system combines the reliable and cost-effective Mamba Digital Snake with the full MIX 32 system. With a broad base of satisfied clients, the Mamba Digital Snake is a time-tested and versatile cabling system offering pristine digital audio quality and reducing cable clutter. In this setup, one ethernet cable sends 32 channels of digital audio over a balanced connection
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with a 16-channel return, while only one Mamba box is present on stage.

Solutions to critical issues:

• Mamba MIX gives musicians control of their own in-ear-monitoring mix
• Mamba MIX is cost-effective and simple to learn, allowing musicians to use their own touch-screen device for adjustments
• Mamba MIX eliminates the need for a separate engineer or mixing board for a quality monitor mix
• Musicians will play more expressively when they hear their instrument sound clear and well-balanced in the mix

Worship facility sound systems are challenged by a number of issues, from volunteers needing training to cost constraints. Many other worship-oriented IEM mix products can be cumbersome for the musicians to learn, often require extra cabling on stage, and do not offer much control over the actual IEM mix! These systems cost more to implement, and actually allow very little fine-tuning adjustment of per-track volume, stereo placement of individual tracks, or EQ. Mamba MIX offers the most innovative and affordable system, enabling musicians to create and save their own earbud audio mix while still allowing the mix engineer to make adjustments as needed. Free from distracting audio problems, the sanctuary sound engineer will be focused on crafting the best sound for the worship audience, and the musicians will be empowered to give their best performance.
Pics of Mamba MIX in a worship app (Celebration church WI)

CCWI5      CCWI2


Please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 408 434 9393 to discuss more about your worship setup and how Mamba MIX can provide a state of the art solution using iPad/iPhone/Android© and enable musicians to control their own ear-bud.

Here are few ways a Mamba MIX system can be setup with your existing setup. Mamba MIX can be either at stage, FoH or better with Mix & Digital Snake combination.

Solution Stage-1

Solution FoH-1

Solution Digital Snake